OSU Institute of Technology Quiz Game

This is a Jeopardy style game that was written to help in recruiting for Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. After receiving several requests for the source, it was released under the GNU public license.

The game is run by an Alex Trebekian host who controls the computer. The individuals or teams playing will view the game via a projector. The game asks how many teams are playing, and keeps score for you. Once a category is selected, a timer begins a countdown after which the moderator selects whether or not the team was correct.

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Creating your own quiz

All variables for this program are easily modifiable by non-programmers by editing a javascript file with any text editor (e.g. notepad). This is not an elegant solution, but is not difficult to do. Suggested improvements (or, just improvements) are welcome.

Version 3

This game is written in HTML and JavaScript, it was refactored in 2013 to make use of JQuery and do away with using multiple windows. Previous games should still work by copying in the same questions and answers as the format for defining these has not changed. Any contributions to the code are welcome.

Getting the source

Go to the SourceForge download page to get the code. Or you can check it out with git. The git command URL is git://git.code.sf.net/p/osu-quiz/git and the project name is osu-quiz-git.

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